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The Bst Salmon Fishing in Alaska is just a phone call away.

Best Fishing in Alaska!

Alaska's best salmon fishing is found right here on the Kenai River near Soldotna. What many writers have proclaimed as being “The Best Fishing in Alaska” can be enjoyed without the high costs of flying out to some remote location deep in the wilderness of the Last Frontier. Alaska's native people followed by the early settlers to Alaska built their settlements around the rivers that fed them. Soldotna is one such town.

A River Runs Through It

The mighty Kenai River has long been the destination of absolutely gigantic King Salmon and massive returns of sockeye, silver and pink salmon. These fish fed their families and created a stable base for the beginnings of an Alaskan village.

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Alaska's Best Salmon Fishing

Some may ask, “Why the Kenai River is the best choice for fishing in Alaska”? Well, there are a number of reasons but size is one of the most notable of them.

Not only does the Kenai River produce the largest King salmon in Alaska but it's responsible for a growing number of the worlds top records for the largest salmon in the world. It's true that no one has yet broken the 100 pound mark using rod and reel but these monsters are well known to be in the river as the commercial nets have proven.

When Size Matters

Close your eyes; now picture a colossal King salmon, taller than many an angler and heavier than all of our egos; now imagine this monster is on the other end of your line. This doesn't sound so fare fetched to those of us familiar with fishing on the Kenai River. Every year we see the eyes of or clients nearly exploding out of their heads. Holly Molly, look at that monster is a pretty common cry of exhilaration as the dreams of anglers from every walk of life are more than realized in the days spent salmon fishing on the Kenai River.

While 97 pounds 4 ounces is the current leader in the pursuit of the largest line caught salmon on rod and real, we know in our hearts that this record will not be standing forever. We have good reason to believe this as the records from commercial catches are there to prove it to be possible.

The largest King salmon ever taken from Alaskan waters weighed in at a whopping 126 pounds. While this huge fish was the product of a primitive fish-wheel, it proves that there is some major wiggle room in the largest sport caught salmon yet to be had. Remember, the largest sport-caught king salmon was 97 pounds 4 ounces and was caught back in 1985 on the Kenai River. For us we know that the best fishing days in Alaska are still in front of us.

Join us this year for some of the best Alaska salmon fishing the state has to offer. We hope that our enthusiasm doesn't make us sound too vain but we really are proud of the accomplishments of the people entrusted in protecting and sustaining this one of a kind fishery in one of Alaska’s magnificent scenic settings.

We hope you will share in our enthusiasm and enjoy living the good life as we take you salmon fishing on the Kenai River in our small Alaskan town of Soldotna AK.

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