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Fishing in Alaska is Fun for the Whole Family!

Fishing in Alaska is Fun for the whole family!Well we covered the salmon trout and halibut fishing in Alaska but is this all there is or can you expect more from your trip? The answer is as exciting as the fishing is gripping. Here we will open the doors into the wild world of Alaska Fishing and look at some more of the options available while you are here at Alaska Fishing & Lodging.

Lingcod, actually lets change that to giant Lingcod so big that they are a trophy in themselves. In some of the same waters as we fish for saltwater salmon and halibut lives a hungry giant of the deep. Lingcod may just be the most forgotten sport-fish living in Alaskan waters today. These giant carnivorous behemoths inhabit the depths of much of Alaska's waters. Fishing for Lingcod is available upon request.

Rock Fish

Red Snapper, most often referred to as Yelloweye in Alaska, Red Snapper are found in very good numbers in the waters off of the Kenai Peninsula. when fishing in Alaska you never know what is going to be on the other end of your line.

Fishing in Alaska.

Arrive the end of June through October and you can be catching salmon in the morning and rainbow trout in he afternoon. If you want to experience Alaska's finest fishing, this is one of the best rivers for you.

Arrive the end of June through the month of October and you can be catching salmon or trout on the Kenai River. If you want to experience Alaska fishing, this is one of the best rivers.

Starting in mid May through the month of October and you can be catching many types of fish close to our lodge. If you want to experience a number of fishing options in Alaska, we offer some of the best options just for you. Call us today and lets talk fishing in Alaska!

Salmon Fishing in Alaska.

Seriously, this is the most fun you will ever encounter. The salmon fishing in Alaska is nothing short of fantastic. Every summer thousands of eager anglers converge on the rivers and steams flowing through the valleys in Alaska on a quest for that monster salmon to do battle with and have a mount readied for the walls in the office back home. If you missed it earlier, we have lots of information on Alaska salmon fishing to prep you for your pursuit of the behemoths returning to the fish rich waters of Alaska.

Grayling fishing is available in the interior regions of Alaska.

Arctic Grayling fishing in Alaska.

Tell us about your dreams!

Using the above comments section, let us know what we can do to make your fishing trip really special. Our goal has always been to offer the best fishing trips for everyone's individual dreams. With your comments, we will have a better understanding of the options people are hoping to find and thus we will be able to try and make those dreams come true.

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Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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