Alaska Fishing Lodges on the Kenai River. Alaska Fishing Charters and Lodging located in Soldotna Alaska offering Alaska salmon fishing trips the Kenai River.

Welcome to Alaska Fishing and Lodging where your inner most dreams are just a phone call away. Fishing trips in Alaska for Salmon Trout and Halibut too.

The worlds best salmon fishing is just a phone call away. Call 1-888-462-1521

Why Choose Alaska Fishing & Lodging?

And now for the million dollar question, why choose Alaska Fishing and Lodging for your upcoming fishing trip to Alaska? Great question and one we hope to answer to your satisfaction here but if you would like more references they will gladly be offered to you.

We Stand Firm Behind Our Promises!

At Alaska Fishing and Lodging we are totally dedicated to giving you the very best service possible and we're ready to prove it. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll do everything possible to correct the problem to your satisfaction. Granted, there are those things that are out of our control. Sometimes things do crop up that put a strain upon a vacation but rest assured, if we can adjust to suit you're needs, we will and we are happy to do so.

We Always Treat You Like Family!

To us, fishing is a lifetime passion; nobody loves it more than we do. But what makes fishing so incredible is to see the happiness in the eyes of others and knowing that we had something to do in putting the smiles there. Here at Alaska Fishing and Lodging we pledge to pamper you like family and hope to share in countless joys as we go fishing in the rich waters of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

We Provide Experienced Service and Completive Prices!

Top quality fishing experiences come at a price, but rest assured in the fact that we promise to be reasonable and fair in all aspects of your vacation. Cheap, well that we're not but reasonable we definitely strive to be. Our trips are designed around your budget but we never compromise quality as that is detrimental to our reputation thus totally unacceptable to both you and us.

We Teach You the Skills for a Successful Fishing Trip in Alaskan Waters!

Yes in respect to fishing, at times we get called fanatical but we use this enthusiasm to make your trip more than just another fishing trip. When we work with you, we run the gauntlet and do all those little things to keep your vacation running smoothly. Teaching the art of fishing to new and young anglers is just one of those areas that we differ from the competition. Our guides are well known for their work with youth and with the military too. Damon teaches fly fishing with Healing Waters throughout the year including fly tying and casting lessons at the base. Our continued work with Wounded Warriors has led us to a greater understanding of what commitment means and tasks us to repay our debts to our countries heros.

We Do Everything Possible to Make Your Trip the Best It Can Be!

You know your desires better than anyone and that is why from the very first contact we spend the time to personalize a trip around you. From that very first contact all the way through the days of your trip, if something doesn't feel right let us hear about it right away. We have the experience to adjust to your personal desires, after all, it's your vacation and we want you to be satisfied in every way.

Location, Location, Location

Why choose the Kenai Peninsula? As every good businessperson knows the key to success is location; when referencing Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula is just that special place. Literally millions of wild salmon, huge rainbows, dolly varden and char too. Halibut, lingcod, red snapper and sea bass; grizzly bears and moose; sea otters and eagles too. The Kenai Peninsula is Alaska's Playground and we're strategically located right in the middle of all the fast paced action making our location a key aspect to success.

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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