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Alaska King Salmon

The River Kings - The Alaska King Salmon is the largest species of Pacific Salmon. The present Alaska state sport fishing record is 97.25 lbs taken on the Kenai River. In fact, of the top 10 king salmon record holders 9 of these fish were taken in the Kenai River.

King Salmon in fron of the Cabins.

Our King Salmon spend from 2-6 years in the ocean so their size in a run vary. The State of Alaska average for this salmon is about 20lbs, however, Kenai King Salmon are typically in the 50 lb range. No other salmon draws as much attention to the Kenai Peninsula.

We believe that our King Salmon are big because of there genes That's why we have lots of programs to help build up and keep the genes of those big Kenai Kings going. One program is our catch and release. (see catch and release page for more details).

The Kenai Peninsula is home to 5 native rivers that have runs of king salmon but no river offers more Kings than the mighty Kenai River.

Yes, the Kenai River is the largest of the 5 rivers and has the Largest King Salmon; these fish run from 20lbs to 60lbs with a fair number of Kings over 70lbs. Every year, some lucky guest will hook into a king over 80lbs and those are the hogs that can really tear up the tackle and wear down even the strongest of fishermen..

Salt water king salmon from Cook Inlet. Alaska Fishing Charters.

The Cook Inlet River Kings May 10th - June 10th - We start out our Season in May off of Deep Creek. The migration of our river kings allows us to start catching them along the coast line. The kings begin their return to their spawning streams. They will generally follow the Kenai Peninsula coastline until they get to their waterway and head up the stream or river of their hatch until they reach their original spawning beds.

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Halibut King Salmon Combos May 18th to June 10th - If you book early, you can book a combo trip for Halibut and Kings. This is the best trip for your money, Book early for best dates.

Feeder and White Kings (March to May)
We start fishing this up and growing fishery around March and fish until May. These kings are the favorites to most locals because not only are these the first kings of the season but they are very tasty.

This can also be a combo trip. While fishing for these kings you can also catch rock fish and possibly a halibut or two.

To see how you can get a free mounted King Salmon, look at our Release a Hog program page.

Alaska king salmon from the Kenai river are big and powerful.

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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