Alaska Fishing Tackle & Gear List

We only use the best Alaska fishing tackle and quality gear on our fishing charters. We are proud to have a fine line of sponsors who supply top quality fishing rods, reels, lines, and tackle. We’ve put together a list of the gear we choose for Kenai River king salmon fishing, trout fishing, and Alaska saltwater charters.

King salmon fishing

  • Rod: Penn Mariner 3. 10’ medium-heavy 12-25lb
  • Reel: Fathom or Squall400 low profile
  • Line: Durabraid 50lb

Trolling for kings in salt water

  • Rod: Penn Mariner 3. 9’ medium-heavy 12-25lb
  • Reel: Squall400 low profile
  • Line: Durabraid 50lb

Lake trout, rainbows, Kokanee

  • Rod: Ugly Stik carbon in a 10’6” medium light 4-10lb
  • Reel: Spinning reel Penn fierce 2000
  • Reel: Baitcaster is Fathom200 or Squall200
  • Line: 30lb Durabraid

Sockeye salmon

  • Rod: Penn Battle fly rod 9’ 8wt
  • Reel: 8-9 wt Battle reel with 4 lbs of drag. Other reel that we use
  • Line: 80 lb clear Trilene Big Game
  • 3 way with a ball sinker (1/2 oz – 1 oz) With an 8 ft leader with a 2/0 or 3/0 Fusion circle hook.

Silver fishing

  • Rod: Back bouncing – Penn Pursuit 4 LE 7ft medium light 6-12 lb test
  • Rod: Power trolling – Ugly Stik Carbon medium-heavy 12-25 lb test
  • Rod: Casting spinners – staying the same
  • Reel: Power Trolling/Casting spinners – Fierce 2500
  • Reel: Back bouncing – Fierce 2500 & Penn Pursuit 4 reel
  • Line: 30 lb Durabraid

Rainbow fishing

  • Single handed rods: Fenwick Aetos 11’1” 6/7wt & Fenwick Aetos 11’1” 8/9wt
  • Single handed rods: 3wt custom made fly rod
  • Reel: Hardy ASR4000
  • Line: RIO fly line
  • Double handed rods: Hardy Zephrus 12’6” 7/8wt
  • Double handed reel: Hardy ASR7000
  • Centerpin: 11’6” custom with a Colville reel lined with 15 lb green high vis.

Lake fishing

  • Eagle XP Combo 9’ 6wt or 8wt

Thanks To Our Sponsors

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