What To Wear and What To Bring on Alaska Fishing Trips

No matter what you are going to be doing, knowing what to wear and what to bring is very important. It can make a great day, or as I have seen first hand, can almost ruin a day or vacation. Alaska’s weather and bugs are non-forgiving.

Here are a few things that you might want to bring to make your vacation a lot more comfortable.

Comfortable Shoes
Food & beverages
Hat and gloves
Sunglasses and sunscreen
Medications, sea-sickness pills or patches
Don’t forget your binoculars
Alaska State fishing license which you can get at just about any store

The cost of your trip includes all the bait, tackle, gear, and the filleting of your catch. Here are a few things that we loan out to our guest on a first come service.

3 sets of binoculars
Have light fishing gloves
Heavy rain gear if yours isn’t working
Heavy warm jackets (don’t want ladies to get cold)
Lunch coolers, beer coolers, thermoses.
Fish coolers so you don’t stink up rental car
Sockeye rods, hip boots, nets, sockeye back packs

Knowing What To Wear Is Key

There is nothing worse in Alaska than not being prepared to the conditions. Especially when you have spent the money on your dream guided fishing trip! Alaska Fishing and Lodging’s goal is to make sure your trip is a great memory, and having everything to make you comfortable plays a very important part.

Check-in – After 3 pm at the cabins. Once there we will make sure you have everything you need for the trips, and give you directions to each outing.

If you have any questions about anything on here, please call Tyland at 1-907-252-5464