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Alaska Salmon Shark Fishing

Alaska Salmon Shark Fishing with Alaska Fishing Lodges on the Kenai Peninsula. Alaska Fishing Guides and Lodging located in Soldotna Alaska offering Alaska Salmon Shark fishing trips in Cook Inlet.

Salmon sharks (Lamna ditropis) are large, powerful, warm-bodied (endothermic), and streamlined predators adapted for high-speed swimming. Reports from the U.S. Navy have clocked salmon sharks exceeding 50 knots. This would make the salmon shark one of the fastest fish in the ocean.

Most of the salmon sharks encountered in Alaskan waters (the northeastern Pacific) are surprisingly uniform: over 93% are females ranging from 6 1/2 to 8 feet (2 - 2.5 m) in length and roughly 300 pounds (136 kg). Salmon sharks in the 700 pound range have been reported by sport fishermen in Alaska. The salmon shark is a member of the Lamnidae family of sharks which includes the great white shark (Carcharadon carcharias), makos, and the porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus).

Salmon sharks are thought to live at least 25 years. Length at maturity in the northwestern Pacific occurs at 4 1/2 feet (140cm) pre caudal length and 5 years for males, and 5 1/2 to 6 feet (170-180cm) pre caudal length and 8-10 years for females. Salmon sharks produce eggs that hatch within the female's body, and they bear live young (ovoviviparous). They have an annual fecundity of up to 5 pups (Tanaka 1980). Based on mating occurring in the late summer and birth occurring in the spring, gestation would be around 9 months. Salmon Sharks diet is largely of pink salmon.

Salmon Shark fishing in Alaska

Fishing for the Powerful hard pulling Salmon Shark:

To fish for these monsters of the deep the first thing that you need is to find a guide that has the proper boat to get you to where thesharks are. Next you need a captain that knows how to fish for them. You also need the right rod and reel to handle these powerful monsters.

This fishing adventure is not for everyone you need to be in good shape because they fight hard like the marlin and sailfish. We dress your fish immediately after landing them. The steaks taste very similar to Swordfish.

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Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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