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Dolly Varden Fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska.

Dolly Varden Fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska with Alaska Fishing Lodges.

The Dolly Varden is not as well known as a sport fish when compared to the popular Rainbow Trout in the Kenai River but they play an important part in the cycle of our streams and rivers. Dolly Varden are hungry and feast on the numerous salmon eggs and later in the fall will eat the pieces and parts of decaying fish that have already spawned.

The Dolly Varden is also a very fun fish to catch. While not typically in the same league as the energetic Rainbow Trout, the Dolly Varden is well known as giving a 4 wt. fly rod a real work out. These fish fight considerably different than than the Rainbow Trout does. When you hook and Rainbow, it jumps out of the water trying to get rid of the hook. When you hook a Dolly it stays down and fights with a hard pulling weight.

The average size of the Dolly's we catch range from 1 to about 12 pounds but these fish have been recorded reaching over 30 inches in length and up to 27 pounds. Many of these big Dolly's have been caught in the Kenai River.

Kids and Fishing for Dolly's with Alaska Fishing & Lodging!

The Dolly is a great fighting fish. The are agressive feaders that are easy to catch. During the spawning salmon cycles the action can get pretty fast making this a great option for taking younger kids out and getting them hooked on fishing. Kids and adults too will be facinated by the looks of these fish as the Dolly Varden is considered one of the prettiest fish in the river.

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Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden look like, and are often confused with, Arctic char. While the Dolly Varden is a sea run species, the Arctic char generally lives their entire life living in the many lakes found throughout Alaska.

Arctic Char

Arctic char are found in lakes in the Brooks Range, the Kigluaik Mountains, the Kuskokwim Mountains, the Alaska Peninsula, Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak Island, and in a small area of Interior Alaska near Denali Park.

Sea Run Dolly Varden fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska.

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