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Alaska King Salmon Fishing — Kenai River Kings!

Alaska King Salmon FishingFishing for King salmon on the Kenai River begins in mid-May as the first run of these giants begins entering the river. From this point the fishing builds as kings between 35 and 50 pounds are entering the river in groups. Mixed in these groupings are some schools of wild king salmon in the 50 to 70 pound class. Some years we see this top number reach into the 80’s and I have to say those hogs are some really big and powerful fish.

First Run King Salmon on the Kenai River!

A point to note during this time is a thing called the slot limit. This was brought about in an attempt to protect this valuable fishery from over fishing by sportsmen. The slot limit states that “Any king salmon caught between 46 and 55 inches must be released unharmed.” The slot limit is in effect on the Kenai River in both May and June. Kings larger than 55 inches can be kept as trophies and the kings smaller than inches are always welcome as excellent table fare.

Slot Limit on the Kenai River!

Sense the slot limit was created we have been noticing the fishing for King salmon increasingly getting better and the sizes also seem to be growing. These fish in the 46 and 55 inch range are prime salmon and produce strong stocks that fare well in the open waters. They tend to spend an extra year in the salt water before returning and thus there sizes tend to be larger too. If we want more of those 80+ pounders then this slot limit seems to be one good measure in our quest for Hogg Hunting on the mightiest river of them all.

Second Run King Salmon on the Kenai River!

The second run of Kings on the Kenai begins around the 4th of July and continues throughout the month. July is a good time to fish for trophy kings on the Kenai as the slot limits are removed and there is a strong return of 50+ pound Hoggs. During July your chances of landing a 70 or even 80 pound King is pretty good. Trophy King salmon fishing has become the rule in the month of July on the Kenai.

Second Run King Salmon on the Kenai River.

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First Run King Salmon from the Kenai River.

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