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Best Months For Halibut Fishing in Alaska!

The best time of the year to fish for Alaska's renowned halibut is typically in the months of June, July and August. Years of experience has us believing that each of these three months holds something special in the way of Halibut fishing in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Let's take a look at the months of June, July and August to see what each holds and why so many anglers prefer these times over May and September.

Halibut Fishing in May!

Halibut fishing in May is often a bit cool for some as the summer temperatures are not yet what one would call heating up yet. Actually, by later in May the temperatures are getting warmer and the fishing can start to get hot too.

Halibut Fishing in June!

June is considered by many as the best month for Alaska halibut fishing because of the great weather and shallower waters that much of the fishing takes place in. Big fish are moving up the inlet in good numbers and the fishing is pretty hot when you find a good calm day on the water.

Halibut Fishing in July!

July is many times referred to as the best month for halibut fishing in Alaska as the fish move in closer to the mouths of the rivers to feed. In July you can often catch halibut in as little as 20 feet of water but most fishing takes place in 80 to 90 foot depths. July 1st is also the opener for Lingcod and other rockfish including red snapper.

Halibut Fishing in August!

August can also make a claim as being one of the best months for Alaska halibut fishing in many areas. Summer temperatures typically are still pretty nice but there can be more windy days as the month progresses. Some very big halibut are caught every year during the month of August and every charter boat in the fleet is running at full tilt trying to keep up with the demand for fishing trips all month long. Also, the waters where we fish are at their warmest in Late July and August making for some active halibut feeding translating to some very good halibut fishing.

Halibut Fishing in September!

Now were getting towards the end of the season and many local anglers are beginning to think about hunting season as the leaves turn to their golden yellows. But there are still plenty of fish to be caught and many hardy anglers are still in hot pursuit of their barn door butts to complete the summer in style.

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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