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Welcome to Alaska Fishing and Lodging where your inner most dreams are just a phone call away. Fishing trips in Alaska for Salmon Trout and Halibut too.

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Alaska Fishing Tackle

20 consecutive years of fishing these waters has proven to us the necessity for top equipment that is up to any challenge it meets.

Our Flotilla of Boats

21ft Willie Predator Power Boats: The power boats we use on the Kenai River are a customized version of the trusted and true 21ft Willie Predator. Combined with a 50hp four stroke outboards - the largest outboard allowed on the Kenai River, this set up maximizes our efficiency on the river.

20ft Willie Drift Boats: The Drift boats we use on the Kenai and the Kasilof Rivers are also customized 20ft Willie boats. We feel that the walk around sitting allows you to move around the boat which will make it most comfortable, when fighting that world record fish. 

Saltwater Charter Boats: If you book a day of halibut fishing for that wonderful tasting white fish you can take your pick of the boat you would like to fish on. For the guest that have only 2 or 3 people you can fish by your selves on a 22ft boat or is you want a bigger boat you will be fishing 6 to a boat. These boats are custom 31ft boats. The boats have these things for your comfort, Huge fishing deck, heated cabin, enclosed restroom, free fish cleaning. 

All of our boats are made with comfort & safety in mind.



Tackle & Rental Equipment

Rods and Reels 

Our Kenai king rods - 
We have been using the Berkley IM-7 since 1995. This rod has taken lots of Kings over 70+lbs. In 2003 Berkley came out with the Altamont IM-7 15-50 this rod is a 9 ft IM-7 graphite. The guides are chromium SS304 guide system witch is 20 times tougher, and 55% lighter than conventional aluminum oxide guides. And the one thing that I have been asking for is to have two guides below the faro with the new 9ft rod we have that second guide.” WHAT A ROD!

Our Kenai King Reels -
The reels that we have matched with this rod is the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000i Big Game Series Baitcast Reel. The Abu Big Game Series reels have a high speed 5.3:1 gear ratio and feature the revolutionary synchronized levelwind system and the Carbon Matrix™ drag system for a smooth pull even when fighting Alaska's mighty salmon. These reels will handle the torture imparted by most fish in the saltwater as well as even the largest freshwater salmon too.

Our Kasilof King & Silver Rods - 
Here we fish the impeccable IM-7 rods as well. The only difference is that we use the 12-25 lb rod which is perfect for pulling light plug or light egg set ups. These are 8.6ft rods perfect for tactics employed while drift boat fishing for salmon. This rod is also the preferred rod we use on odd rears for pulling K13,K14,and even K15 kwik fish. This rod and a good trolling motor spells danger for Silvers!

Our Kasilof King & Silver Reels - 
When it comes to kings on the Kasilof river we prefer to use the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6600CL. It is great reel especially for back bouncing in this shallow river. This reel is just about as good as it gets for the type of fishing we do on this river.

If you like, you may even bring your own favorite rod & reel, or come try some of the newest tackle by:

  • Fenwick Rods
  • ABU Garcia Reels
  • Penn Reels
  • Berkley NanoFil Lines
  • Spiderwire Lines
  • Yakima Bait and Tackle

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Fenwick Fishing Rods


Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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