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Kenai River Salmon Fishing

It's time for some Kenai River Salmon Fishing for the largest king salmon in the world. Low prices on our best Slammin' Salmon Fishing Packages that have been purposely designed for both the family budget and the serious angler looking to save on an Alaska fishing package this season.

Kenai Salmon Fishing Trips

One of the most often asked questions we here is “When is the best time to fish for salmon on the Kenai river?” Understandably, this question is foremost in the minds of everyone planning a fishing trip to the renowned Kenai river each year.

We will try to answer this question here as well as the question “What can you expect when fishing the Kenai river for King Salmon”.

We will start by telling you there are two runs of Kenai Kings and two runs of Sockeye Salmon in the Kenai each year. The first run of Kenai King Salmon begins to really show well between the 10th and 20th of May and continues right into the second run which begins to arrive around the last week of June with the major arrivals occurring somewhere in the final weeks of July.

The earliest king caught on record was on April 24th, though I believe there has been kings caught before that date but just not recorded. And don't forget the World Record King Salmon was caught in May right here on the Kenai River.

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Alaska Salmon Fishing

What is the benefit of fishing the Kenai River for salmon in June.

For Alaskans, the long dark winter has finally passed and we're all looking forward to another summer of heart poundin', reel rippin', tackle bustin' fun that makes up the real reason we have chosen to live our lives in the land of plenty. Late May and all of June offers a way the local residents to get in a great day of fishing and see the river at it's lowest point before the melting snows begin to fill the rivers to their summer levels. This is also an opportunity to explore and see the changes in the river from a winter of ice and sometimes floods that shift gravel bars, rocks, and even river channels from one year to the next. Learning these changes will save allot of props on there own boat in the summer months to follow.

In May & June on the Kenai you will experience;

  • In low water kings will hold up in holes longer.
  • Fresh out of the salt, these fish are big, bright, fresh Alaskan salmon and great eating fish for your families and guests.
  • Typically you can keep 1 king salmon up to 28" 1 per day. only in May and June; Call for information on any emergancy orders issued from the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game that could effect this limit.
  • This early season fishery sees little to no crowds anywhere on the river.
  • Great deals on fishing and lodging packages as this is considered the shoulder season to the main tourist months of July and August.
  • Lots and lots of big kings in the river due to the slot limit 46" to 55"
  • If you are here from the 1st week of June till around the 20th you can fish for our 1st run sockeye salmon. These fish are only about 3 to 6lbs but offer great action on light tackle. Kids love this one as the fast and furious action that keeps them jumping for joy.
  • Fish and game has opened the river to bait fishing in June for the last two years.
  • A great time to see wildlife on and around the Kenai River. Lots of mother moose with new born calves and even an occasional brown bear is spotted in the area.
  • This is a peaceful time to bond with your friends and family.
  • Call now and let us help you put together a great June Kenai Salmon fishing trip. This is a favorite time among Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage Residents alike. July; Kenai River Second Run King Salmon.
  • The second run of kings starts the beginning of July and closes on July 31st on the Kenai River. If the escapement has been reached, fish and game may leave it open for a extra five days from eagle rock to the Warren Ames Bridge.

What would be the benefit of fishing the Kenai River for salmon in July.

  • The river is open to the use of bait and the slot limit is removed.
  • In July, the Kenai River produces more 70lb and 80lb king salmon then any other month on any other river in the world.
  • July is great choice for parents who want to get the kids hooked up with a giant king and get them hooked on fishing at the same time.
  • If you come to the Kenai between the 15th and the 31st of July, There are many more people on the river and for a good reason. The big Slabbers (Large Copper Colored King Salmon), along with hoards of green backs (2nd run sockeye - red salmon) have drawn the attention of anglers from around the world. The sockeye in this second run average 6 to 12lbs and number in the tens of thousands per day.
  • And the last thing has been keep a secret by a few but now is your turn to try your luck at the many IGFA line records that were set on the world class Kenai river.

Call Now because seats in July book up the fastest of all months. If you want to try and beat one of the IGFA line records call toll free 1-888-462-1521 and prepare for the best salmon fishing trip of your life.

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Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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