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Alaska Lingcod Fishing

Alaska Lingcod Fishing with experienced captains that specialize in fishing for Alaskan linkcod and other rockfish including the red snapper. Alaska Lingcod Fishing with Alaska Fishing and Lodging Soldotna AK. Contrary to its name, the lingcod is not a cod, but rather a member of the greenling family. Lingcod are native only to North Pacific waters off the west coast of North America.

Alaska Ling Cod Fishing

Fishing for Lingcod in Alaska.

Giant Ling Cod like this are common in the waters of Alaska.Lingcod are the ugliest bullies of the rocky shelves of the salt. They are an extremely aggressive fish, which makes for great fishing, because they will hit just about anything. They will strike your favorite lure and are even known to attack and hold on to little rockfish that you may have caught while fishing the ocean. Many prefer the taste of Lingcod to halibut.

The season will start on July 1st and the limit is one per day per person. The Lingcod run around 25 to 35 pounds and some lucky guest will get a 55 or 60 pounder, and can even get as large as the state record of 81.6 lbs caught in 2002.

Lingcod eat almost anything, including other lingcod. Bait used for fishing Alaska's lingcod include large jigs with bait like squid and herring.These are very effective methods of catching Lingcod in Cook Inlet. These aggressive fish can be caught by just jigging with no bait but this is only if you don’t catch a rockfish first.


Some people like to use light weight halibut rods but to really get a good fight then we suggest using a 50lb king rod. The line we use is Stealth which helps to preserve your catch while fishing those sharp rocks.

Where to find Lingcod in Alaska Waters

Lingcod are usually found in deeper water and around vertical rock outcroppings. Lingcod like to be in areas that they can find plenty of other fish like rockfish and salmon to feed upon.

Call 1-888-462-1521 about Alaska Ling Cod Fishing with Alaska Fishing and Lodging in Soldotna AK. Fishing for Lingcod departs Homer Alaska bound for the rich feeding grounds of Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska.

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