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Alaska Fishing and Lodging
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Skies of Alaska
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

If you have never seen the Aurora borealis (northern lights), you’ve been missing out on one of natures most unique and mysterious displays. The sky lights up and dances with the most worldly colors: pinks, greens, white, reds, blues and some light colors of purple.

Here in Alaska we are blessed with the opportunity to see the northern lights quite often. Unfortunately for most visitors to Alaska, seeing the northern lights is not something that many experience, because in the summer, the skies don’t get dark enough to see the colorful lights of Alaska. Most of our guests don’t get to see them so we've gathered some photos to view online.

Sunsets and Sunrises

Some other beautiful colors in the skies of Alaska are sunsets and sunrises. Our guides are on the river by 4am so we get to see a lot of sun rises. Here are just a few:


Here are some colors in the sky that we all love to see because this means the rain stopping, that’s right rainbows here are few Rainbows that we caught on film:

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