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Sockeye (Red) Salmon
The Sockeye or red salmon is the most abundant salmon to migrate back to the rivers and streams of the Kenai Peninsula. Many say it is the best tasting salmon they've ever had.

Sockeye Salmon feed on plankton for two years before returning to the river where they were born. There are two runs of Sockeye Salmon in the Kenai River. The first run each year ranges from 3 to 7 lbs. The second run is a bigger run and the sockeye run from 6 to 13lbs. The state record is 16 pounds.

Sockeye Salmon can be fished for by all ages. You also fish off the bank for this salmon. We love getting kids into fishing and the sockeye and pink salmon help get them hooked, because their large numbers make easy catching for our youngsters.


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