Alaska Gold Prospecting and Gold Panning Tours

Gold Panning Tours In Alaska

Our Guided Prospecting Day Trips

Now if you’re reading this you have probably have decided to come to Alaska on vacation, and are trying to see what else there is to do besides fishing. Our Alaska Gold Prospecting and Gold Panning Tours are a perfect Alaskan adventure!

Our gold prospecting adventures start about 8am, when you will meet Layton of at one of the few claim locations, depending on what month you are coming.

Once there, you will head into the claim where your guide will show you or your group how to set up the equipment that we have decided to use.

The whole time you will be learning how to prospect in the 21st Century. You can ask questions the whole day while learning how to use each piece of equipment.

No matter your age or strength, your guide will teach you on the equipment that best fits your abilities and needs. So far, our prospecting guests have ranged in age from 5 years old to 82 years young. Guests can work at their own pace and can take a break for lunch anytime they would like.

Alaska Gold Panning Adventure For The Entire Family

Alaska Gold Panning Adventures With Alaska Fishing And Lodging
While on the gold prospecting tour, you can learn a new family hobby and take home some gold from Alaska.  You might just want to check out some of the newest equipment.  We strive to stay up on all the newest equipment that has been proven to catch and keep the gold prior miners have left behind. Our guide will also help you understand where and why gold is found in the certain areas of the claim.

Each group will have everything they need to find gold and have fun doing it. At about 2pm you will start breaking down the larger equipment.  At that time, your guide will show how important it is to classify your cons, and then start running them through a gold recovery system. Our main goal is to teach each guest, step by step, how to clean their concentrates.

You will also learn the different ways to pan until you’re confident in your panning skills. Our last step of the day is taking a few pictures with you holding the pan of gold with the creek in the background.  We will put the gold into a vial for you to take home. Anything you find you get to keep.

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Old Time Alaska Gold Prospecting Cabin

Learn Gold Prospecting History

Many of our guests like to learn a little history of the claim they will be working on. Most of all the claims that all our guests will be working on are in at least one history book. In 1886 the area was buzzing with over three hundred hard working miners that made four to eight dollars a day. Some guests will want to know a little history of where they are digging gold, and then there will be guests that will just want to get busy finding gold.

For The Advanced Gold Prospecting Enthusiast

We will help our more advanced guests set the equipment up, and make sure everything is running well. Then we will let work at your own speed, checking up on you from time to time. We will show you the equipment that you can choose from prior to your trip.

School Field Trips – Gold Panning Education

If you’re a teacher and would like us to do an in-class gold prospecting demo, or would like take your classroom up to a claim for some hands on prospecting where all children will split the gold to take home, we can set that up as well.

If you are a Scouts leader, or have a large group of kids, and would like to take them on a summer outing, we have discounted prices. We have been doing school field trips every year since 2015, and have had a lot of fun doing it. Big group dates book up fast, so please call Tyland or Layton early.

Gold Prospecting For Kids In Alaska With Alaska Fishing And Lodging
Family Gold Panning Fun In Alaska
Kids Enjoying Alaska Gold Prospecting Adventure

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