A great day of Alaska halibut fishing!

A Great Day of Alaska Salmon Fishing

What could make a good day of trolling for feeder kings turn into a great day of Alaska Salmon Fishing? If you ask most fisherman they would say their bait they use or their favorite lure or even their flasher. But my best days have been because of balls of bait and the birds working on the surface.

Feeder kings and other predators force the balls to get tighter and push them to the surface where the bird will go on a feeding frenzy for a very short time. I remember my first time seeing this going on. We were trolling right outside the ball and got doubles almost every pass. But just as fast as the birds were in a frenzy they were gone and so was the bait. The next couple passes gave up not one king.

We looked to see where the bird went and about 200 yards away the birds were feeding again. We pulled up our gear up and moved there quickly in stealth mode. Once there we dropped our gear way outside the ball not to spoke the bait and just like that we were on again. After two hours we were limited out with eight kings all came within about a 500 yard area. Knowing where the balls of bait and trying to stay one step ahead will make for a Great Day!

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