Something New for Repeat Fishing Guest

A lot of our guest come to Alaska to fish so getting them to put down a rod and grab a shovel to go play in the dirt. Troy has been bringing family and friends up here with us for over a dozen years. So in the winter of 2017 when we were putting together his

On the morning I took Troy and Scott out it was very sunny and looking to be a great day. After we got up to the claim and everything was set up they started digging away around a rock that past guests have dug at but not completely got all of. While Troy did a different spot, Scott mainly did the rock and we were going to see who did better at the end, but just from the cleanup they did more than I imagined. Scott was on a mission to clean that rock out by the end of the day.

Finding Gold At The End Of The Day

The day continued on with lots of chatting alongside jokes and of course digging. It’s hard pulling away from the gold, but once the day was coming to an end we cleaned up the high-banker and started to clean up all the cons on a gold cube. I explain at the end how to use the cons on the gold cube and I do a little example of how much you should pour onto it & as soon as I did the example the gold flooded the top matting which lead to lots of smiles.  By the end of the cons they had enough gold to fill quite a bit of their little vials.