A Memorable Fishing Trip

A Memorable Fishing Trip

We left the Homer boat harbor at 6:00am on a gorgeous, clear Monday in pursuit of the monster ling cod and yellow eye. As we motored out of the harbor to head to the fishing grounds, a 3 hour boat ride awaited us.

Two hours into our journey as we rounded the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula passing by Elizabeth Island. This is when we encountered a pod of orcas on a bait ball. About a half mile later, a huge humpback whale came completely out of the water creating a spectacular display.

We approached the underwater pinacle where we were to fish. Monte and Cory readied themselves to fish as i positioned the boat to drift over the underwater seamound. Minutes into our drift, Cory’s rod slammed to the gunwel, catching our first ling cod weighing 57 lbs.

What a great start to a successful fishing adventure! Our second drift came with a double on halibut, a 35 lb and a 40 lb. After a short 2 hours of fishing we reached our limit of ling cod all weighing between 42-71 lbs along with our limit of halibut. We needed one more yellow eye to complete our limit of fish.

I ran the vessel to an underwater mound that I had never fished before. My many years of fishing experience led my gut instinct to know the spot would be a good one. I positioned the boat and the 16oz lead head jig was lowered down to the bottom. I watched the depth sounder drop from 72ft down to 120ft, suddenly Cory screamed “fish on” as the rod doubled over. A tiring but exhilarating fight later lands on deck the second largest yellow eye ever caught weighing in at 38 lbs. What a great day of fishing.

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