Whats The Perfect Age To Take A Child Salmon Fishing

We get asked a lot what is best age to bring our child to salmon fish by parents that are on vacation and were thinking of bringing their kids with them the following year. Kids of all ages can go salmon fishing, you just have to match the child’s age and experience with the type of salmon. Some kids fish with their parents a lot and then there are kids that have never fished before. We have never turned away a family with young kids.

We have learned over the years how to book family’s with kids that have never fished before, if they are 3 to 7 years old we try and schedule them to come up in Aug on a even year when the pinks are running. If we have a family with kids we will anchor up and put a maglip plug out to help the youngsters out we have short ugly stik rods so we don’t have to worry about breaking them and small enough that they can handle. By doing it all by their selves it teaches them confidence and keeps them excited to wait for the next bite.

When we have a families coming up for kings and want to bring their young children we let them know that this is a slower time for action but we will still make it a exciting day for the family. I would say eight years old is a good age, they don’t get bored to quickly and once they start getting bored they are old enough to help you do things in the boat to keep their mind off being bored. Bring the kids up and lets have some fun.