Catch and Release of a Pan of Gold

We share our love of mining with hundreds of kids and families every year, some kids just have a knack for digging in the dirt and finding gold. The great thing about gold prospecting is the more dirt you move the more gold you will find, so we encourage brothers & sisters to join forces to find more gold. On this day we had an older brother that wasn’t into the team work of finding gold with his parents or his younger brother.

I got quite a few laughs through out the day watching these brothers, while the family started out digging like most families but every time I look over the older brother was hitting, teasing, or arguing with his parents or younger brother. I could tell the younger son really wanted to find some gold. After about 6 hours we started running the cons through the gold cube and it did its job, they found a good little bit of color everyone was excited and that made me happy for them.

Alaska Gold Mining Adventures

Everyone in the family held the pan to look at the gold, but when it got to the older son, somehow the gold went back in the creek. After the rest of the family members finished letting him know how they felt about what he had done, I couldn’t keep my laughter back as I told them that gold isn’t like fishing you can’t throw it back and expect it to get bigger. They got a laugh out of it but not so much for the younger son. The day ended on a good note since we help the youngest son find some gold for him.